About us_imedia3.com

Info Media 3 Network, is a one stop business setup and corporate service company managed by a specialized team of Brand Advertising, Print & Design, Outdoor Advertising, Electronic Media, Digital Media, Website design & Development , Software Development, e-commerce Site. Our Professionals are committed to provide genuine quality experience to our clients in the widest spectrum of business needs. Our diversified team with extensive promotional tools, IT Software’s and corporate knowledge enables us to the stated and unstated needs of our clients.

With the availability of resourceful professionals committed to provide genuine and the best possible experience, we make sure that we are able to cater to all needs and wants of our clients. Our digital marketing firm, Info Media 3,based in Delhi has the best and diversified team along with the availability of extensive promotional tools, IT Software’s and corporate knowledge enables us to understand and fulfill all kinds of need of our clients. Our priority lies in understanding customer’s needs and requirements, and resorting to the best possible way to cater them via a tailor-made plan especially for them.

Why Infomedia 3 Network?

  • 24X7 Availability– We are available with our services on all seven days of the week, throughout the year.
  • Tailor-made plans– We formulate different working strategy for different businesses. We understand that every business has its own needs and we make sure we cater to each one of them through different media channels like Social media, Print, Electronic, Outdoor, SMS, and Mail etc.
  • Easy on the pocket and cost effective means-We promise you the best deal, customized according to the budget of the firm with a variety of services available at competitive costs.
  • Availability of colossal database- We have a record of people from all over the country, engaging in different business ventures and a variety of potential customers and target audience. Advertising with us will ensure a good return on investments for everyone ranging from entrepreneur to local buyers as we serve the purpose of a bridge between the same.
  • A wide network of satisfied customers- The building blocks of our high credentials, is the number of satisfied customers from different industries in corporate sector, ranging from Automobile Sector, Education Sector, Business Consultancy, Banking Services, Financial Services, Insurance Sector, Leading Communication Companies, IT Companies, Legal Service provider, Medical & Health Industries, Jewelry Industries, Hotel Industry, Real Estate Sector, etc.
  • High reach and accountability– We make sure that the advertisers reach masses from all over the country throughout the year.
  • Easy online offline availability-Some customers turn to the internet to find the products and services that they need. Info Media3 Network, Delhi ensures that customers will be able to find you no matter where they look. Therefore, we launched our online web portal. “preet925silver.com”.